Thursday, September 24, 2009

party @ the BorK haus. Need a bit of halp moving some pinball machines too.


Sat Oct 10th we will be having a kegger to christen the new man cave (pictured above) We have been working all summer on cleaning out the basement and finally can move my pinball machines into the basement. Soooooo.... how better to get folks to help me move my pinbot and bride of pinbot along with a keg fridge into our basement than offer beer, chili, cinnamon rolls, and good times?

We have a fully loaded wii and might get some live music going on. 3 PM start. 429 F st. I am going to get a dartboard here in the next few days and stuff so if you want to swing by that would be awesome. I have my messageboard down with helping and the actual moving part should only take a few minutes.

Hope you swing by.

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