Monday, February 02, 2009

JGB Pro Model

Last week, I was lucky enough to help Mumble — along with George Powell and Stevie Caballero — present J Grant Brittain with his first pro model skateboard.

Powell stepped up and made a run of 99 boards (graphic and shape based on their classic Ray Bones Rodriguez board), 97 of which are available for sale on the Skate One website. (Proceeds will go to Grind For Life.)
To find out more about Grant, check out the video interview at The Skateboard Mag or Club Mumble.


rfresh said...

So Dope.
Congrats Grant. You are prolific in the best of ways.

kev - you deserve one too. Real Talk.

bernie said...


11:11 said...

Yo Grant!! Congrats... I got mine ordered.

Jack Orin Spilberg said...

congrats to Grant, very cool!

J Grant Brittain said...

Thanks peoples!