Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Follow The Yellow Brick Road And See A Man Get Crowned As President

You probably heard about the nightmare crowds at Obama's Inauguration. Sure, I waited 3 hours in a mob, a mob all holding their Golden Ticket, in my case, a Yellow Ticket. We are talking a mob/line with no semblance of order that stretched and wound through the streets around the Capitol building, with the Purple Ticket holder's line crossing over and through our Yellow line at times. There seemed to be no crowd control at all, the people in the Yellow line seemed to hold it down though, order finally prevailed and the mass funneled into a line. Kumbaya! Holding our Yellow tickets high, WE, The Yellow finally marched through the Yellow Gate and stripped our winter clothing off for the Security Forces and finally made it to the viewing area marked on our Yellow Ticket. I was happily expecting to stand shoulder to shoulder with my Fellow Yellow citizens as witnesses to this historic day , but to my surprise we were directed to seats. SEATS!? I do not rate in the big, real world, I am just Joe Taxpayer, an everyday guy, but my friend Bob Pribble works for the Fed and he pulled in some favors and got my family a great spot to experience an event that will always stay with me and hopefully my children as long as we live.
This photo is of my son, Sage with his video fisheye lens held up to my point and shoot camera.
By the way, 4000 to 5000 Purple and Blue ticket holders didn't get in, the gates were shut at 11:30. Sad.

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