Monday, February 02, 2009

Cabin Fever

I guess I'm coat-tailing off Robbie, but I've started classifying days into two categories, days where it hurts to breath outside and days it doesn't. You know in the middle of summer where it seems like it always rains on your day off when you have the time to go grind out an epic? Well the last few weekends here in the mini-apple have been the opposite. They have had temps creep into the 20's and this last Saturday it got up to 45(it hadn't been that warm until the last election day according to the news). I put on a pretty decent set of layers because I've jumped the gun on days like this before, gone out under dressed, and given myself a gnarly chest cold. Not Saturday, two hours later I got done with a solid bike path tour of South and North Minneapolis and the world had been moderately rectified once again. Sure thing though, the North winds came up last night so me and prolonged outdoor riding are going to be nearly nonexistent for a couple of days.

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-kw said...

just rode the 25 minutes home from beer drinking in 11 degree Nebraska. Won't do that again for a while.