Tuesday, March 11, 2008

As God Intended

"30 year old 10-speeds with tapeless bars, bottomed-out seats, one piece forged steel cranks and stamped dropouts are going to be hot in 2008."

Old Ten Speed Gallery.


nacho_supreme said...

and hots tubs!

mw said...

my buddies piece of S**T blue huffy 10spd is responsible for me realizing that a bicycle can be a means of escape from the real world as i knew it then.

now my world revolves around my bike. cars are the foreign objects now.

bikes have progressed. sure you can love one of those hunks but ride one? naw. i've got other pieces of s**t to ride now. and those pieces of s**t ride easier and are mucho ligher-o.

-kw said...

Good Problem administrators have established — as referenced in by-law 22.19.02 — that in the proper context, and in order to avoid ambiguity it's in everyone's best interest to type out each word in its entirety.
Thank you for your cooperation.